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Monday, January 26, 2015


Oh! Snap! It's been a very, very crazy long time ago since I wrote something new so first of all:
I'm soooooo insanely sorry!!!!

But if everything works out at school and everything the chance is big that I'm going to start a video blog :) Can't wait!!
Maybe after this semester I'm going to start but it has to be very successful because I want to learn people that they are beautiful the way they are, and I think a video is a little bit more personal, still not very but it's a step in the right direction right?!

Anyway, I'm so sorry, I was busy with school, rehearsals and everything, so it's been a crazy ride for me but that's no excuse, I have to keep writing, even if it's just for my own fun.
But I do hope that you will follow me on twitter, instagram, email, and my blog of course ;)

Thank you anyway for reading the thoughts of a weird yet happy teenager :))))


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