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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Senior years

I was really looking forward to this moment: Being a senior ;)
But now, I only worry about this year, all my subjects and work, and friends, and dancing.
The thing about us humans is that we are weird (no shit).
But we see thing on television that has a lot of influence, if you want it or not everywhere you look/go you will see a lot of influence but the thing is we can't protect ourselves from it....
And that's a side effect of living.
When I was younger I used to watch High school musical, and I thought that High School would be like that for real.
But when I walked in my first day it was different from what I saw on the television, it was not so fun as I thought it would be.
It didn't looked like my dream school, no singing, or dancing on the stairs in the cafeteria.
Just a bunch of students talking and yawning.
But I want to ask you something:
''How does you're perfect senior year look like?"'

I would really like to know what you guys expect.
So feel free to e-mail me:

Hopefully I will receive a lot of e-mails.
Byee ;)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


So I had a though last week on school this week, but I survived!
I wrote a song (that was an assignment) and about a few days I'm going to record this, but I want to make sure that I have some people that will watch it no matter what.
So my question is: Do you guys want to watch my video when I upload it?

If you want to Thank You So Much! If not that's okay.

Byeee Thank you guys so much

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Michael Jackson.... :)

Just a few weeks and then I can finally say that I am one: A senior and two: That I have vacation.
I am going to perform next friday and sunday night I am soooo pumped!!
It's a tribute to Michael Jackson!!!
I'll be there from the Jackson 5, and I feel so special that they asked me to do it!
I'm not longer a little tiny mouse, I finally am someone and I do have a voice....
Anyway I just wanted to say that Michael Jackson was a really special man with an insane strong voice and he was able to dance OMG unbelievable....
I hope I can bring someone to tears just like he did

Fingers crossed!!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

True readers?

I saw my pageviews last night and I was so proud that I have more then 700 pageviews, but my question is:
Are you guys true readers? Do you read my blog everyday or was it just coincidence that you landed on my blog once?
I really want to know because if you guys are true readers please leave a message or something, because I like to blog but if there is no one who reads it everyday it's kind of hopeless ....
But thank you for your time I hope you guys will write me soon with problems or stuff see ya!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I can't wait till next year's vacation, maybe I can go to LA if my parents are okay with it :)
Hope so!!
'Cause then I can learn a lot from all the great people there....
I want to do a theater education for 5 weeks but I can't go this year because I'm too young....
Man I wish I was 16.....
Just one year to go 'cause my birthday was last month....
Stay positive and keep up the good work everyone!!'


Monday, June 9, 2014

New laptop

A month after my birthday I got my birthday present my new laptop I absolutely love my new laptop, it's also a tablet and it works super super totally awesome 😄
So happy I'm so blessed woth a family like mine I hop they will stay as lomg as possible in my life because I love them 😍

But how are you guys doing??? Hope you're all okay I hope I'll talk to you guys soon!!
byeee xxx

Monday, June 2, 2014

Best friend problems

I know my best friend is not feeling well, I can feel that.
But I also know that whenever she's feeling not good you have to take a step back, because she doesn't like help, but sometimes you have to open up for help right?

So do I have to help her or not?
I don't want to be in a fight with her because she's really sweet.
But she can't have everything for herself...
Help me!

Monday, May 26, 2014


Heey guys,

I finally have Pinterest if you want to feel free to follow me:

Hope to see you on pinterest

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lord, take me away now!

Today we have geography and I don't like it at all!
But now we have to do an assignment in a group which our teacher made, thanks a lot I'm with the people who are not doing anything! And then I'm serious: ANYTHING
Help, just kill me right now before I'm seriously going to kill myself with all the work....
Well just try it and be open to everyone, and give everyone a try right?
Let's do this! I'm ready for a challenge (I guess)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Are they kidding me?

So I have a big test today, I have to write an assessment (writing a text in 90 minutes about the second world war)....
I'm really nervous even though we have our sources with us.
Don't know what to do, and if I fail this test it means that I have to do it again....
And I don't want to!!
I just want to be free, I want to go to college and study for the things that I like.
Not for things I don't even want to know.....
But we have to keep going!


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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Relieved, stressed just everything

So my best friend is really depressed, and I don't know what to do to make her happy.
I have great conversations with her, and I love her with all of my heart, but she's just not happy with herself.
What can I do...??

Also Friday I had to hand in all my assignments I'm relieved that it's finally done, but I'm still stressed 'cause I have to wait on the results...


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frustrated by making music!?

So we have this assignment for German: We have to make a song, about ourselves...
With a rap in it! A freaking rap!
I'm a horrible rapper in English and Dutch, don't begin with German!
And now I'm frustrated 'cause I promised everyone of my group that I would make the music, and it sucks!
It sucks hard!!!!
So let me know how you're feeling, hope you're feeling better than I.
If not than I'm really sorry!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stuck in time

Do you know that feeling that you know you have to do stuff but you just don't know what?
Well, exactly....
I just don't know what to do right now, I did my homework, I have a test tomorrow but that doesn't matter, I already know I'm going to fail for this test 'cause it's chemistry and that's something that I don't understand....
I tried many, many times...
But yeah, you can't be good in anything.
Happy enough that I finally understand a little piece of math.
That's something I wanted to tell you:
You can't be a star in everything, I had that feeling for a very long time, that feeling that you had to be good in everything doesn't matter what just everything.
But now I know that I'm not perfect, and I accepted that, I just have to work harder for that thing.
Now I feel much better, if you recognize yourself in this situation, just try to accept it no matter how hard it is.

Well that was me for today!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Time to change

So yesterday in the late afternoon, I got bored...
I decided to grab all of my clothes and put them on my bed (even the clothes I never wore or didn't like).
And I made all different styles of it, from cuty-putie-fruity-cupcake-ish to tough love.
I loved to do it, so if you want to: Send me a picture of a thing in your closet that you don't like and I will give you some advice.
So feel free to e-mail: tamar.floor@gmail.com

Or send me a tweet:
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Found it!

Yay found it back!
I'm back on the road again.
Almost done with one of my school assignments.
It's going the good way now (I guess, I hope)...
Hihi most important thing I can work again....

Well uhmm, that was kind off my story...
My GAWDD I'm sooo boring well okay then...

Sometimes I just don't care

Do you also have that feeling sometimes that you like don't care about anything.
Well I have, right now....
And I have to make homework so it's not really helpful to think: I don't care.
I do care, just not this second but I have to do it AAAARRGHHH.
Well ya, let's try it

Friday, May 2, 2014

Late night post

One more thing:

My high school is like a creative high school.
And our dreams are really get stimulated, so I wrote a song.
(It's not done yet).
As soon as it's done i will let you guys hear on my youtube channel that is going in the air around 10th of June.
So be prepared 'cause I'm so excited I can't wait till you guys hear my stuff and finally see me doing something. (I'm not lazy, I'm a writer ((OMG, that actually sounds really cool)), I'm a dancer, I'm a dreamer)
Okay that dancing and writing part is not official however.
Those things called dreams.
And I'm ready to face whatever is coming my way.
'Cause nothing will be standing in my way if it's about my dreams.

Job interview

I started my day as usual in a vacation.
Wait no I didn't!
I promised my best friend to take care of her cat while she was on vacay.
So I had to stand up early yay! :(
And then I saw that the house was a mess so I decided to clean it up.
After 2 hours of long hard work I had permission to dance in the yoga-room so I could finish my solo for dancing. I failed and hard, no inspiration nothing nada.

After my dancing (which was a hell), I had to go home to get ready for my job-interview.
But finally there is some sunshine in my boring life....
I have the job!!
May I introduce myself?
Hello, I'm Tamar,
Sales-employee of vanHaren shoe BV.

Really happy.
But I think it's time for me to go to bed, it's almost midnight ;)
I'm a real badass.

write y'all next time!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



So today I finally had theater, it was a lot of fun, but there's one problem....
A good friend of me has a boyfriend for almost a year, and her boyfriend was a long time my crush....
Not anymore, but he was.
I want to tell her but she's so sweet that I don't want to make her upset.
He's not my crush anymore, but if we're just hugging I'm feeling really bad.
It's sooo complicated/awkward.
Like last week I gave a good friend of me a hug and I said Hi! And we hugged and my old crush stood next to him and said: Excuse me, am I not important anymore?
So I said: No, of course you are..
So we hugged and it was just awkward, so you know what, I'm going to tell her, but also that my feeling are over and that I don't want to stand in the middle of their relationship ('cause they're too cute together).

Well let me know what you think about my decision....


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not today

Heey guys,

A few months ago I started to see the world differently, I started thinking about the world.
And about slavery.

I am a big fan of an actor, his name is Cody Longo, he's amazing talented and just wonderful.
I saw the movie Not today and he played Caden, a guy who only cared about himself.
And there he was alone in India, he was lost.
I won't tell the rest of the movie you have to see that by yourself just go to the website:
www.nottodaythemovie.com and order the DVD, and donate!

After seeing this movie I started crying, and I remembered a promise I made to myself and it was like this:
Change the world by doing the right things.
And now I know what I want to do.

When I finished my high school, and graduated I'm going to India, to try and help little kids out of the prostitution, the factory's and all the other horrible places.
I want to make a change because it's time for a change.
Everyone says: We don't know slavery in this world anymore.
You think? Do you believe that crap??
Well I don't and I want to make a change.
I want that people will hear my little voice and my goal is to make people laugh, to make people cry out of happiness as long as they're happy I'm okay.
I just wish someone would listen to my words and that people truly care about what I think.
AND that people start caring about the world around them.
Because the only thing that this world knows is: Crap.
We believe the lies everyone's telling us, we believe the people who are saying things, but they never saw it with their own eyes.
You have to see things with your own eyes to say things.
And you have to make a change in this world.
Thank you for listening to my little voice.

-The girl with the little voice-

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm just trying to live my fantasy, but everytime the stupid French test shows up at my door.
It's just so frustrating.
I'm trying to concentrate on my future, but I can't because I have that stupid test tomorrow and I've already studied for hours but it is not going inside my head.
I know if you want to concentrate on the future you have to finish high school.
But having a fantasy is also thinking about the future or not?

I think it is, and I want to live my dreams but I can't 'cause then I have a test for that subject, and next week for that subject, and then we've also have a job, and other deadlines and other homework.
And did you know that stress shortening your life? And then we are in Holland and you know what the school systems are build on? Exactly stress.
Well thanks a lot prime-minister, and the minister of schooling.
I'm starting to like you guys.

People are always saying: You have to be thankful to go to school, I am, but right now I have so much stress that I just can't concentrate anymore HELP ME~!

A loving High school student 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pretty long gone?

Heey everyone,

Sorry for not blogging the past months/weeks.
I was really busy with school and homework and work and friends and stuff.
You know, the usual stuff.

So now I'm trying to repack my blog and write everyday, it's kinda hard.

About 15 minutes I have a big test for maths, wish me luck 'cause I terribly bad in maths.
But that's okay, you can't rock everything right??

But sorry for being really long invisible for everyone.

I'll try to write everyday about my life, your life, and problems.
E-mail me: tamar.floor@gmail.com
Twitter me: JUSTxSMILE_XxX
Insta me ;p : sharontamarfloor

I'll see you soon!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

What's next

Today we had to say goodbye to one of our classmates, she gets operated this week, and after that she has to recover for 9 months so that's pretty rough.

I still haven't made a decision about the contest, it's something huge and I don't think I'm good enough, maybe later this week I'll post a video of me singing my own song it's a MAYBE!

I hope everyone reads my blog, but I have 0 followers, it would be nice if you like my blog so much that you click on the follow button and the +1 and maybe share it, but that's your choice.
Tomorrow I have a test for chemistry and I don't understand, it's just like Chinese (I don't mean this in a wrong way, I like Chinese food ;), but it's more that I also don't understand Chinese)

I hope I'm possible to write tomorrow but I don't know, so maybe write you tomorrow and other: I'll write y'all soon!!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Don't know

Sorry I didn't wrote lately, I'm really busy with school. I have tons of homework and about a few weeks I have to choose my profile and I know which profile I want but I don't know the subjects.
I'm going to choose Culture and society, but I have to choose between French or German, and I just can't make my decision, HELP!

And I'm maybe going to join a contest for singer-song writers 'cause I write my own songs with the piano but I'm also doubting about that, should I, shouldn't I?
It's really stressing me out and it's not healthy.

Now the last thing:
My best friend has to do the second year of high school again, but this whole school year she was like less than 2 and a half months on school.
And I talk to her constantly and to her class teacher and her class, but she just doesn't understand, she's blaming everyone except herself, but it's all her own fault...


I hope you will never come into a situation like this it's not fun!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

True friendship

Today I had a long day, and it's not done yet, I'm busy with homework and it's a lot.
I'm really scared that I won't make this year, but my grades aren't that bad, it's just a feeling that I have.

However, today I decided to write about friendship, make a decision: Sometimes you have to make a decision: Friends or your own luck, my choice is simple I'll would choose my friends, 'cause they make my luck, you saw my choice, what's yours?

Tell me about your ideas, problems, good things, tell me everything and maybe I'll write about you, of course it's anonymous if you don't want to get recognize...


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's just....

Heey everyone, so today a late post, I have to make homework again, and study a lot so I'm really sorry today a short post.
Today in school I had to cut into a real eye, from a lamb, it was pretty cool, but also gross!
It was interesting and not the worst thing I ever did but it was quite a challenge....

It's just that I'm really tired, and I think I'm not going to school tomorrow, I have a huge headache, and it's just everything, I hope everyone out there is okay, are you okay?
Just keep your head up! That's my motto, what's yours?

Don't forget to share my blog and don't forget to hit the like button, and feel free to contact me, my e-mail for all sureness: tamar.floor@gmail.com
I hope I will receive an e-mail real fast, 'cause I like to help and to talk to people, I won't bite ;P (usually) ;p


Monday, January 13, 2014

Love is all around..

Today, I had my first two tests, Thursday one and Friday two, yaaay just three tests to go -___-
But I won't let school bring me down NEVER!!!!
I decided to post about love...

Everyone around me is in a happy relationship, and here I am: LONELY! I have no one, no boyfriend nothing, I hear ya: A boyfriend isn't everything, I know, but it's frustrating, I get the feeling that there's something wrong with me.... Anyone who feels it too?
Well don't feel that way, it's hard, but I'm sure that everyone finds true love, sometimes at the beginning of their life and others at the end of their life, keep your head up no matter what!!!

Now I really have to study for all my tests, sorry, I'll write you later ;p


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is it just me?

Yesterday I cleaned my room, today I'm making homework yay...
This week I have 5 tests and also a practical test, we have to cut into an eye, interesting......
Tomorrow I have a test for economy and for German, Tuesday I have to see the inside of an eye (gross, but pretty cool), Wednesday NO tests :) and Thursday a French test, and Friday a history test and a math test, so everyone don't hate me, but I think I don't have enough time to write this whole week, I'm going to try but it's gonna be hard....

Today I went to church, and we were talking about sexuality, it was pretty interesting, and the man who told us about said this: ''The image that we have from our self, did God created that image or did the media, and other influence created that image.''
I started thinking, the image I have from myself is created thanks to the media, the fashion world, and all that stuff (it doesn't mean that the fashion and the media is bad, absolutely not), but I'm insecure, and I think that everyone is insecure, because of that image.
But is it just me who thinks that way? Please let me know....


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cleaning a room, cleans more than you think....

Today I promised my mom to clean my room (it was a little messy :P), but I found a lot of stuff back, I'm not done, but it's a start.

I discovered that if I clean my room I clean my thoughts, and I'm relaxed, well relaxed isn't the right word, my head isn't really stressed.
If you're a grown up and you read this and you have kids and the rooms of your kids are always messy, say nothing, until they're complaining about headaches, then you can say: Clean your room, it gives rest in you head, and if that doesn't work, just say: If you aren't going to clean your room then I'll throw all your stuff away, just help them a little ;) my mom did also when I was like 10 years old, and it worked, now I'm cleaning my room once in a week and I find rest...

The best way to make kids clean their room ;) You're welcome :)


Friday, January 10, 2014


So yesterday I forgot to post something, I'm really sorry, I had school till four, and I was home one hour, and then I had to go back to school, for a night to learn more about a occupation that you maybe wanted to do/ be when you grow up.

And I have a lot of homework, everything is just soooo full, but I didn't forgot my blog yesterday.
I was busy writing, but a teacher caught me, and I had to go work on stuff that was really important, so I forgot the whole piece I wrote yesterday..... Sorry......

I didn't learned much today, yesterday I learned something: I learned that a psychologist is different then I expected, it's really different then people would expect...

But for now: I have to stop, I have to work, and make homework...


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weird days

The first week after a break is always weird, it looks like it's going slower than usual.
Thank goodness it isn't everyday has 24 hours and not more.
Next week is going to be a busy week for me, we have to hand in a lot, I don't know how I have to do that!

If I need help I just call my friends, they help me, respect me, and love me for who I am.
And I help them, respect them, and love them for who they are, nobody has to change for me.
Everyone is who he/she is, and if someone doesn't like you because your fat, to skinny, black, white, Asian, well don't listen to them, 'cause there's always that one person that loves you, no matter what.
Your family, friends, maybe you pet.

But don't let anyone bring you down, just because you're different.
I think that normal is boring, but thank goodness again nobody is normal, everybody is them self


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Second day, exhausted.

Today: Second day of school, so extremely tired, already!!!
Everything is just so much, but thank God I have super sweet friends.
I'm exhausted, and I'm not the only one, sometimes I miss home when I'm in school.
Actually that happens every time when I'm in school.
Although I know that I need an education, and I like to learn, it's not always fun.
Like I said yesterday: I don't like half of my class.
I'm not allowed to complain, 'cause I have an education, and I'm proud of the things I already accomplished.

My life is sometimes pretty crazy, after school, I had to bring the papers more than 200!! After that I had to go to the bank, 'cause I'm saving for a trip to London :), after the bank I went to a trip adviser, to give me some information about the price, hotels, London itself, and now I'm blogging and I'm making homework.
I can't wait till my exams, I hope I will pass them in 1 time, and then I can go to college.


P.s.: I have social media you want to them, look under:
Instagram: sharontamarfloor 
Facebook: Yeah I have, but not a page, still working on that though, sorry 

Now seriously Bye!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Yay what?

Today: First day of school, I survived it !
It was a pretty long and rough day.
I think my school was like: Ooo They had 2 weeks vacation, so that means double work, thanks a lot guys!
It was good to see my friends again, but the rest of my class isn't the best.

We've had an assignment for our gym class, and today my two friends and I had to show ours.
The class didn't listened, we said do this, and they did that, it's frustrating.
On those moments you realize that you have to be happy with friends, in my class it's normal if you have Uggs, nikes, a Nickelson jacket, but in my world it isn't in my world you have to work for everything that
you want. In my class it also normal if you're a bitch to everyone you don't like, and I'm obvious one of the persons they don't like.
And then it's good to have friends.

The title of my post: yay what? means actually what's the reason to say yay on the first day of school.
Well, be thankful to every chance you get, because I get a lot of chances everyday, and I think you to.
So that's the reason for this title: yay what? 


First day...

So today it's the first day of school.....
First class is math, wow, this year couldn't get any better.
Seriously they expect that we are really happy that we're returning to school again.
NO just not, we're tired, we're teenagers, we're lazy (that's what a lot of grown ups are saying!).
Yeah, we have dreams, and some teenagers knows that they have to work for what they want.
Some of them really work, and others are just doing nothing.
And the ones who aren't working are giving the rest a bad name.
So yeah, I'm (hopefully) one of the workers, 'cause I want something, and I know I have to work.
Later everyone, I have to make my homework.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time to...

So this is my second and last post for today.
Sometimes I love what I'm doing, and other times I just hate everything.
But today I love it:

In the first summer-break that's coming is my dad a week to France because he is a musician so he's gone, but now he asked me if I want to join him, and maybe my oldest brother is going too, and my dad said that if we're joining we can go to a big place in France (I forgot the name), and there we could go and see more of the world.

A few weeks later I probably go to England for a week to look for a education, I hear ya thinking, why are you going to look for a education in the summer? Well that's because my school is not sweet. I'm not allowed to skip the last week so I can see theater academy's, but that's for my future! Anyway, the next summer is going to be (hopefully) a wonderful time for me.

Travelling, see the world, learn English and French better, and just enjoy the fact that about a few years I go to college.
And thank the Lord that I can be me, on school people look weird to me if I'm wearing a dress in all kinds of colors, well sorry that I have my own taste. But in the breaks I can be me, and I'm feeling free.
Now while I'm writing this I know that I'm blessed that I have my own computer, and type my opinion and other stuff, but now I'm just smiling and I'm just happy that I am who I am!
Remember that BTW, be who you want to be, and wear what you want to wear, and be yourself (well actually I said that a few words back, but then in other words), anyway, enjoy who you are and be thankful.


Those days....

Everyone knows these kind of days, you're head is full with everything, you have to work, homework, your room is a mess, but you don't know where to start.
Yup that's pretty much it.
I want to go to college and live on my own, I know I can cook.
Everyone is telling me: ''College isn't that much fun.'' Well you know what? I don't care, I just want to go, and I want to act, I love acting, I want to be someone when I'm a grown up, so I can tell my kids later that I was someone, I had a talent, but now I don't know, I love writing, acting, singing, dancing, but I don't know what my real talent is.
I hope I discover it fast, just like you, if you don't know what your talent is, I hope you'll find it fast, and listening to people and help people is also a talent, keep that in mind!!!


Saturday, January 4, 2014


So this is my first post. I have some experience with blogger and that kind of stuff, but I'm still learning and I still don't know a lot, so sorry if it's kind of messy I'm still searching!
Let me introduce myself:
I'm a girl, almost 15 and I live in Holland.
My family is all Dutch but I like English ;).
I'm in High school, it's my third year about 1,5 year I have my exams......
The reason I started this blog is because I want to tell my stories, my opinions, and I want more experience for my English.
BTW: Sorry for my English, it's not the best I know, but I don't use google translate or something ;).
So that's a little bit about my everyday life, I also have dreams!
- I really want to study theater (I want to be an actress) in England or America.
- I want to travel and see more of the world.
- I want to learn from people
- I want to teach people.
- I want to go to Africa to teach kids basic stuff.
- I wish that I could just talk about what bothers me and what hurts me, and that's the reason I started this blog.
So that's me, how about you? Tell me your dreams, tell me your ups and downs, and feel free to e-mail me: