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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time to...

So this is my second and last post for today.
Sometimes I love what I'm doing, and other times I just hate everything.
But today I love it:

In the first summer-break that's coming is my dad a week to France because he is a musician so he's gone, but now he asked me if I want to join him, and maybe my oldest brother is going too, and my dad said that if we're joining we can go to a big place in France (I forgot the name), and there we could go and see more of the world.

A few weeks later I probably go to England for a week to look for a education, I hear ya thinking, why are you going to look for a education in the summer? Well that's because my school is not sweet. I'm not allowed to skip the last week so I can see theater academy's, but that's for my future! Anyway, the next summer is going to be (hopefully) a wonderful time for me.

Travelling, see the world, learn English and French better, and just enjoy the fact that about a few years I go to college.
And thank the Lord that I can be me, on school people look weird to me if I'm wearing a dress in all kinds of colors, well sorry that I have my own taste. But in the breaks I can be me, and I'm feeling free.
Now while I'm writing this I know that I'm blessed that I have my own computer, and type my opinion and other stuff, but now I'm just smiling and I'm just happy that I am who I am!
Remember that BTW, be who you want to be, and wear what you want to wear, and be yourself (well actually I said that a few words back, but then in other words), anyway, enjoy who you are and be thankful.


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