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Tuesday, April 22, 2014



So today I finally had theater, it was a lot of fun, but there's one problem....
A good friend of me has a boyfriend for almost a year, and her boyfriend was a long time my crush....
Not anymore, but he was.
I want to tell her but she's so sweet that I don't want to make her upset.
He's not my crush anymore, but if we're just hugging I'm feeling really bad.
It's sooo complicated/awkward.
Like last week I gave a good friend of me a hug and I said Hi! And we hugged and my old crush stood next to him and said: Excuse me, am I not important anymore?
So I said: No, of course you are..
So we hugged and it was just awkward, so you know what, I'm going to tell her, but also that my feeling are over and that I don't want to stand in the middle of their relationship ('cause they're too cute together).

Well let me know what you think about my decision....


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