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Friday, May 2, 2014

Job interview

I started my day as usual in a vacation.
Wait no I didn't!
I promised my best friend to take care of her cat while she was on vacay.
So I had to stand up early yay! :(
And then I saw that the house was a mess so I decided to clean it up.
After 2 hours of long hard work I had permission to dance in the yoga-room so I could finish my solo for dancing. I failed and hard, no inspiration nothing nada.

After my dancing (which was a hell), I had to go home to get ready for my job-interview.
But finally there is some sunshine in my boring life....
I have the job!!
May I introduce myself?
Hello, I'm Tamar,
Sales-employee of vanHaren shoe BV.

Really happy.
But I think it's time for me to go to bed, it's almost midnight ;)
I'm a real badass.

write y'all next time!

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