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Monday, May 12, 2014

Stuck in time

Do you know that feeling that you know you have to do stuff but you just don't know what?
Well, exactly....
I just don't know what to do right now, I did my homework, I have a test tomorrow but that doesn't matter, I already know I'm going to fail for this test 'cause it's chemistry and that's something that I don't understand....
I tried many, many times...
But yeah, you can't be good in anything.
Happy enough that I finally understand a little piece of math.
That's something I wanted to tell you:
You can't be a star in everything, I had that feeling for a very long time, that feeling that you had to be good in everything doesn't matter what just everything.
But now I know that I'm not perfect, and I accepted that, I just have to work harder for that thing.
Now I feel much better, if you recognize yourself in this situation, just try to accept it no matter how hard it is.

Well that was me for today!

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