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Tuesday, April 22, 2014



So today I finally had theater, it was a lot of fun, but there's one problem....
A good friend of me has a boyfriend for almost a year, and her boyfriend was a long time my crush....
Not anymore, but he was.
I want to tell her but she's so sweet that I don't want to make her upset.
He's not my crush anymore, but if we're just hugging I'm feeling really bad.
It's sooo complicated/awkward.
Like last week I gave a good friend of me a hug and I said Hi! And we hugged and my old crush stood next to him and said: Excuse me, am I not important anymore?
So I said: No, of course you are..
So we hugged and it was just awkward, so you know what, I'm going to tell her, but also that my feeling are over and that I don't want to stand in the middle of their relationship ('cause they're too cute together).

Well let me know what you think about my decision....


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not today

Heey guys,

A few months ago I started to see the world differently, I started thinking about the world.
And about slavery.

I am a big fan of an actor, his name is Cody Longo, he's amazing talented and just wonderful.
I saw the movie Not today and he played Caden, a guy who only cared about himself.
And there he was alone in India, he was lost.
I won't tell the rest of the movie you have to see that by yourself just go to the website:
www.nottodaythemovie.com and order the DVD, and donate!

After seeing this movie I started crying, and I remembered a promise I made to myself and it was like this:
Change the world by doing the right things.
And now I know what I want to do.

When I finished my high school, and graduated I'm going to India, to try and help little kids out of the prostitution, the factory's and all the other horrible places.
I want to make a change because it's time for a change.
Everyone says: We don't know slavery in this world anymore.
You think? Do you believe that crap??
Well I don't and I want to make a change.
I want that people will hear my little voice and my goal is to make people laugh, to make people cry out of happiness as long as they're happy I'm okay.
I just wish someone would listen to my words and that people truly care about what I think.
AND that people start caring about the world around them.
Because the only thing that this world knows is: Crap.
We believe the lies everyone's telling us, we believe the people who are saying things, but they never saw it with their own eyes.
You have to see things with your own eyes to say things.
And you have to make a change in this world.
Thank you for listening to my little voice.

-The girl with the little voice-

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm just trying to live my fantasy, but everytime the stupid French test shows up at my door.
It's just so frustrating.
I'm trying to concentrate on my future, but I can't because I have that stupid test tomorrow and I've already studied for hours but it is not going inside my head.
I know if you want to concentrate on the future you have to finish high school.
But having a fantasy is also thinking about the future or not?

I think it is, and I want to live my dreams but I can't 'cause then I have a test for that subject, and next week for that subject, and then we've also have a job, and other deadlines and other homework.
And did you know that stress shortening your life? And then we are in Holland and you know what the school systems are build on? Exactly stress.
Well thanks a lot prime-minister, and the minister of schooling.
I'm starting to like you guys.

People are always saying: You have to be thankful to go to school, I am, but right now I have so much stress that I just can't concentrate anymore HELP ME~!

A loving High school student 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pretty long gone?

Heey everyone,

Sorry for not blogging the past months/weeks.
I was really busy with school and homework and work and friends and stuff.
You know, the usual stuff.

So now I'm trying to repack my blog and write everyday, it's kinda hard.

About 15 minutes I have a big test for maths, wish me luck 'cause I terribly bad in maths.
But that's okay, you can't rock everything right??

But sorry for being really long invisible for everyone.

I'll try to write everyday about my life, your life, and problems.
E-mail me: tamar.floor@gmail.com
Twitter me: JUSTxSMILE_XxX
Insta me ;p : sharontamarfloor

I'll see you soon!!